Known for her ability to mesmerize her audience and emotionally engage her spectators, Careesah has been performing and teaching the art of Belly Dance in the New Haven area for several years. Specializing in many forms of Belly Dance including: Turkish Oriental, Gypsy dances, Lebanese, Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Tribal and Fusion; she is a seasoned and recognized performer throughout New England, and dances several shows weekly for diverse ethnic audiences. Careesah is also noted for her ability to transform, thereby appearing as a different style dancer in each performance.

Careesah has been a dedicated student of Middle Eastern Dance since 1999, and continues her studies of this ancient art form with master instructors from all over the world. In turn, Careesah generously shares her knowledge and remains devoted to keeping this dance alive and authentic. Currently, she is pursuing studies in both Eastern and Western dance forms. Careesah also is a private chef and specialist in natural foods and nutrition.

While she teaches with discipline, Careesah is also encouraging and finds personal gratification in watching her students grow and heal through dance. Careesah's classes are mixed level with attention toward not only proper Belly Dance technique, but also fitness and self-expression through music and dance. She promotes improvisational dance as a creative outlet and as a means to develop personal style for the dancer preparing for performance.


When I perform my goal is to express the music.

My first teacher, Shelly, taught me that the dancer should become an instrument with the music. A dancer is the vehicle connecting the music to the audience; a dancer should express the emotions and her body should portray what the music is saying. She told me, "listen to the music, it will tell you what to do."

My second teacher Natasha, also taught me the single most important thing in performing is your emotional connectedness to the music. "Its more important than costumes, props, physical ability or anything else..."

So early on I learned a respect for music. Really, what is a dancer without music?

Belly Dance should represent all the expressions of life. When I perform its not about me; its about sharing. I find joy when I see the audience reacting to the sound along with me - when they can't help but feel, surprise, melancholy, or fascination. I wish to journey my audience along with me to a different time and place.  It is then I know I am truly a Belly Dancer! 

In this way, I am transforming myself to whatever I am dancing. I try to become the style, the feeling, the dancer that will enhance what is already there. This allows me to to limitlessly explore the different styles of belly dance. And its so much fun!

In teaching, I hope to pass my respect for this dance on, as well as the enjoyment of self expression with music and culture, creativity, and healthful fun

What People Are Saying about Careesah ...

"Careesah is a very beautiful dancer, and thorough instructor. In class, she gives you the mechanics, where the move came from, and how to make it yours! She is very encouraging, and puts her whole self into her teaching and her dancing. I look forward to everything she brings our way!" - Kimberly

"Watching Careesah Dance is a delight! seeing the Joy in her face as she dances and knowing the history of Bellydance, makes me glad that I am a woman. I think Careesah is a terrific dancer and teacher. " - Jane

"I enjoy the class so much it's a pleasure dancing under Careesah." - Stephanie

"When Careesah dances she radiates passion, joy and Freedom. A beautiful sister in dance....." - Adina

"Careesah has a wonderful stage presence when she performs, she is a lovely dancer." - Shalimar

"Careesah is an enthusiastic, happy, positive person; just being around her is a joy. Her performances are unique, full of smiles, and improvisation which makes everyone in her audience part of her show. As a teacher, she is so encouraging, having special ways to make you dance and making even the most difficult tasks very simple." -Maria, DDS

"On my first visit to Botega's Cafe in New Haven, I had the opportunity to watch Careesah's show and meet her as well. Her talent is outstanding, invigorating and well performed. I wish her well on your way to success. Good Luck and God Bless You Always!" - Jinnie A. DeJesus of Salsalicious...Productions (Advocate, Instructor, Performer, Choreographer)

"Careesah delivers a performance that is totally electrifying! She is gracefull and elegant, yet sensual and captivating. Careesah also has an abundance of charisma and charm, making her one of the most popular and sought-out belly dancers in the greater New Haven area and beyond. Her ability to engage her audience both visually and physically has allowed her to gain popularity in the venues where she performs. A diverse group of individuals from near and far visit these venues to enjoy the entertainment she provides. From the variety in costuming to her innovative dancing, Careesah consistently "WOWs" her audience time after time! She is without question a gifted, skilled, and stunning performer... truly a treat for the eyes and the soul." -Yaditza LaViera (Dance Performer & Instructor)

"I think Careesah is a dancer that shares her knowledge and brings out the best in the dance itself. I find it soothing to watch the emotions and the passion that we all feel with this dance. You are one to find that inner connection and dance with that feeling, and it is Awesome to watch." - Phyllis

''Careesah is the most effective teacher I have ever had: if you really want to learn the mechanics of bellydancing and explore your potential as a dancer, then take classes with Careesah." - Maria

"As a beginning belly dancer, it is truly inspiring to watch Careesah move with such grace and beauty. You see the passion in her as the music takes her away.....I still can't get over how easy she makes it look. My favorite performance is the sword dance, it is amazing how she balances every move to perfection. I hope one day to be as half as good as her, she is a beautiful person, inside and out." - Gina

"I studied Middle Eastern Dance many years ago and had stopped for about 10 years. I stumbled onto a link to Careesah's site and thought to myself, 'Gee, I wonder if I could do this again after being away for so long.' Careesah welcomed me, just like she welcomes all her students, warmly and caring, striving to help each of us develop our own unique style. She is a very patient teacher who makes the class environment very supportive. I am so grateful to have found such a teacher." - Kathy

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